The Art of Live Looping

Nothing is prerecorded!

"You Are Glorious": Written and Composed by KimiGrace Fliegel



Animation explanation of: The Art of Live Looping

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KimiGrace Fliegel is a loop artist who creates a worshipful fusion across a wide spectrum of genres. Her music enraptures the spirit with a tapestry of voice and groovin’ instruments. By the use of 2 loop stations, Kimi incorporates guitar, piano, bass, penny whistle, flutes, vocals, harmonies, and percussion into a complex yet inspiring performance that remains God centered. Her original music has a funky yet folksy sound with a bit of a 70’s influence in which there is something for everyone. Her lyrical style brings thought to our Christian experience and lifts the eyes and heart toward Jesus.

Having a limited childhood exposure to music theory, Kimi readily admits that she can’t read music and breaks a few of the rules in order to construct that “full band sound.” Her songs feature solos on either flutes, guitar or keys, all except for the ones that are acappella, of course.  

The desire to use her musical gifts to promote and bless God’s kingdom is foremost on Kimi’s heart. She is eager to produce benefit shows in order to raise money for many types of missions work around the Earth that provide for the poor and equip the saints. KimiGrace is a speaker, teacher and a naturopathic physician with a heart to inspire others to walk in their gifts and the calling God has on their lives.  “We are warriors in God’s army, not just infantry men. It is important to realize that worship is our most powerful weapon, it brings the walls down.” -KG

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"Wow!!! I stand amazed at KimiGrace’s phenomenal talent and skill!! Multifaceted, layer upon layer, loop upon loop, depth of sound with voices and instruments, created solely by “The Multi-Tasker Master,” a one woman band! You have to see her in action to believe how crazy good and talented she is!!  Beatnik, folk music, jazz, mixed with blues and rock and roll all combined into wonderful complexity! Each song is jam packed with the Word of God and a powerful message. My favorite song that she played was “ Walking on Water.” Just listening and entering into the experience, gives me the faith to believe I can!"  -Loren Laughlin


"Wow! and Wow! and Wow! and Wow! Totally awesome! She "owns" the stage, as they say in show business.  Kimi is very graceful and her movements seem to fit the music perfectly. It was so perfect that while it might have been rehearsed it had a spontaneous and natural quality that could only be heartfelt. Certainly, it was all God-centered and it blessed me very much." -Jacki Boss-Cawley


"I think KimiGrace is a fascinating one woman band! It takes a lot of work to put these songs together, and as she plays, they just flow. Her music put me in a place of worship of the Living God. I look forward to her next performance." - Kim Boling


"It was such a blessing to be able to experience Kimi' sharing of her musical gift. Her music has been such a blessing to me over the years. Open Heaven CD has comforted my soul repeatedly when needing deliverance from the anxiety that finds me, surrounds me and tries to bind me. Her Rise Up CD has been great for energizing my spirit when experiencing times of enemy warfare. It was so special to worship with Kimi in a live setting. I really enjoyed the way she explained just how she puts this all together to sound like several musicians & vocalists performing together - when it is just her and, of course, Yeshua. Also, loved the comic relief, Ms. Bat’E.  Thank you again for using your talents to bring blessings to the Kingdom.  -Gayle Boman




"Lift Up My Hands" Written and Composed by: KimiGrace Fliegel